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Introducing AllAloft – The [to be] Complete Iridium-based High-Altitude Balloon System

Perhaps you’ve been reading some of my recent, and not so recent (January 2013) posts about Iridium.  Am I beginning to sound like a broken record?  Well, my excuse is that I am finally getting around to helping the California … Continue reading

Economics of Prototyping with Iridium


This post is the first in a two part series that will explain how Iridium service plans typically work. After speaking with a few individuals that plan to use Iridium for their hobbyist or professional projects, I’ve concluded that how … Continue reading

Little Python Saves Big on Iridium SBD

Iridium Integration Challenges As mentioned in our previous posts, we are beginning to develop more sophisticated payloads. One of the features that we are adding is two-way global communications with Iridium. As payloads become more complex a number of issues pop up. First, the total labor required to design, program, and test the payloads. But [...] Continue reading

post | Comments Off January 24, 2013

Our Introduction to Iridium

Mission: Global, Two-Way Comms While APRS has served as the primary tracking system on our previous missions, the idea of having two-way communications capability in all geographic areas is appealing. We have investigated satellite communications for our future missions. Starting out, we considered several services, including: OrbComm Globalstar Iridium After talking with fellow balloonists and [...] Continue reading

post | Comments Off January 21, 2013